Fast Pdf Converter™ offers these features and free web search on your New Tab.

Convert .doc → .pdf and .pdf → .doc

Fast, Easy & Free

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  • Step 2: Click 'Add'
  • Step 3: Open a New Tab Page
# Of Files: 30+ Files Types: PDF, DOC, TXT, RTF, XLS, PPT, BMP, JPG, TIFF & more Runs On: Windows® 7, 8, 10, Vista™ , XP™
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Fast Pdf Converter™ provides these features on your new tab page.

Fast Pdf Converter™ is a New Tab that lets you convert files to DOC and PDF formats.

  • Convert PDFs to Microsoft® Word – FREE download.
  • File types include DOC, DOCX PPTX & TXT.
  • Access links to translate text, get dictionary definitions & more.

The Easiest Convert-to-PDF Download – FREE!

You thought you were done with your essay or business report. But the person you're sending it to wants you to convert from Word® to PDF. It's sounds like it should be easy, but there can be several steps to go through before you can convert to PDF. And you only have a minute before your deadline. If you're a student or business owner who needs to send a PDF file ASAP, you'll want a PDF converter free download that can convert Word to PDF in seconds, without any counterintuitive steps to hold you up. Enter Fast Pdf Converter™! With this file PDF converter, you can simply select a file, convert to PDF, and you’re done. It's that easy. Fast Pdf Converter™ was designed to be easy, fast, and above all FREE. Convert DOCs to Adobe® PDF files in mere seconds with the easiest PDF download – FREE!

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PDF to Word Software

Converting a PDF document into a Word doc can be more difficult than it sounds. This is because a PDF doc isn't really a document in the same way a DOC or DOCX file is; it doesn't actually encode any letters or symbols, and instead behaves like a picture of the document you wrote. You can use this PDF to Word FREE download to seamlessly convert PDFs to Word. This pdf converter free download can convert up to 30 different file types to either PDF or DOC. Convert PDFs, XLSX spreadsheets, PPTX presentations, and more into Word files. Need to convert more obscure file formats like EPS (Encapsulated PostScript)? No problem! Convert PDF to WORD to adjust the text size relative to the page – this is great for making photocopy-friendly printouts.

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Translate, Reference & More

Different countries often use different file format standards for business or government. For example, in 2011, the justice system of India switched over from Microsoft® to Ubuntu Linux. File format incompatibilities and language barriers often go hand in hand, which is why this PDF converter FREE software has quick links to translation, thesaurus and dictionary sites. This PDF convert download is the perfect solution for quickly ironing out simple language and spelling issues. Need to learn about the country or business you're sending your files to? Fast Pdf Converter™ has you covered with an instant link to®. It's one of the only PDF software products that also comes with language and writing tools. Fast Pdf Converter™ isn't just an any-file-to-PDF converter; it's a tool for people who write important documents.

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Easy and FREE Installation

Fast Pdf Converter™ isn't just FREE, convenient and easy to use; it's also easy to install. It takes just a few seconds to make this FREE pdf / doc converter a key part of your online work space. And because it's a Chrome New Tab, it goes with you wherever you go on the web. So if you're in a rush to send off a PDF and have too many windows open, don't worry. As long as your browser is up and running – and it probably is - Fast Pdf Converter™ will be ready for action!

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